Every month you’ll receive our newsletter with feature articles written by our extremely talented staff, and sometimes, even by you! There will be quizzes, puzzles, competitions and more.
What’s more! Every month you’ll be invited to
  • Specialist workshops such as Robotics,
    Chemistry Capers, Rocket Science, Geology and more!
  • There will be behind the scenes tours and excursions throughout the year!
  • Club members only events where you can meet famous science celebrities, and some who will become famous!
  • Learn about science communication (which is what we do) and practice it with our own pop-up science cart!
  • Find out more by emailing info@sciworld.org.au

Membership fees

Please note the costs involved are:

$25 per child


$50 for 2 or more children

This amount can be invoiced to you for payment via cheque or bank transfer. Please email info@sciworld.org.au to confirm membership via invoice.

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