“I desperately want you to come again. You are the BEST science person EVER! I loved it when you used the flame thrower.”

(Felix on our SciWorld Spectacular show).

Flame Thrower

“The show was awesome. You are the best at science.”

(Dillon, on our SciWorld Spectacular Show)


“Thank you for coming to our school. I really, really loved the SciWorld performance.”

(Carson on our SciWorld Spectacular Show)

SciWorld Performance

“I loved your show. It was the best science show I’ve ever seen. My favourite was the smoke rings. The most freakiest one was the liquid on fire and the most funniest one was the balloon spikes.”

(Emily on our SciWorld Spectacular Show)

Freaky Fire Liquid

“I loved everything that you did. My favourite thing was the foam one. When I grow up I will be a chemist. Thanks for showing us the experiments.”

(Cody on SciWorld Spectacular Show)

Future Chemist

“Thank you for coming to our school for science. It was awesome how you shot out the smoke rings… SciWorld is awesome.”

(Thomas on our SciWorld Spectacular show)

Smoke Rings

“I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the SciWorld Spectacular show last week, presented by Wee-Ching. She is a delightful person and great presenter.”

(Jo, Westbourne Park)

SciWorld Spectacular Show

“Christine, thank you for sharing your knowledge and showing those experiments to the children at Agnes Goode Kindergarten. We really enjoyed the show and learnt so much from you.”

(Sally, 2013 commenting on our Science Explorers Pre-School program).


“I just want to pass on my thanks to Rebekah for the fantastic job she did at Alex’s party on Sunday. We had lots of rowdy 8 year old boys and she did really well to keep them under control and engaged. They loved the elephant’s toothpaste!”

(Claire, 2013 commenting on our birthday parties!)

Alex’s Party

“Great hands-on ideas that we can do in the classroom. Fantastic take home box with everything we need. Thank you”.

(Teacher, 2013, commenting on our Teacher Training and Development sessions.)

Take Home Box