Can you believe how amazing technology is?  

Wait till you see these new Enchanted Gallery 4D cards!  Each pack, currently Dinosaurs or Fish, contain 10 cards with film-quality modelling accuracy.  Not only do these animated figures jump right out of the card you are holding, but they also contain commentary, so you can LEARN!  You can use your fingers to zoom in and out and rotate, to explore the scales on a dinosaur or the fins on a fish for example.  You can even take selfies with your favourite character.  What more could you want?

We think these packs are incredible for schools, parties, presents, fundraising ideas and more!  You can buy them directly through us!  Just email for more information!  At only $16.50 a pack individually, (plus postage) we can get these cards straight to you.  And if you’re a school or looking for an awesome fundraising idea, then ask us how you can get these at a significantly reduced cost so money raised goes back into your school pocket!

Augmented reality cards are the next best thing and yes!  You definitely want to buy them!