Mobile Planetarium

SciWorld’s mobile planetarium (Starlab) allows us to bring an experience of the wonders of space to you and your class. Images of stars, planets and other celestial bodies are projected onto the interior surface of the large dome which acts as a giant screen. As you look upwards, our experienced presenter guides you through the wonders of space.

For up to 60 students and for 45 minutes, our amazing StarLab uses brand new technology to project digital images of almost anything in space. We step straight into the StarLab and zoom past the moon to explore the stars, planets, nebulae or even watch the International Space Station (the sky is not the limit anymore!). We can learn about anything in space here using both still and moving images. We look at the changing sky, the moon cycles, seasons, other planets, stars, galaxies and we can even look for a nice place to live beyond earth!  

Please Note:

The Planetarium is for indoor use only.

The StarLab is 6.71 meters in diameter and 4.11 meters high.