We are excited!
We are so excited!
We are just about ready to launch our new Neuroscience workshop which is suitable for students from Years 6 – 12!  Using the latest technology and a number of workstations, you’ll explore the science of the brain!
Neuroscience is the science of the brain! Have you ever wondered about how your brain works? Ever questioned how it makes sense of everything going on around you? In this 90 minute workshop, we’ll explore the workings of the brain using special headsets which measure brain activity. You’ll get a chance to see your brainwaves in real-time and learn what they mean! There will also be sensory exhibits and illusions that will challenge how you perceive the world.
At only $220 for this 90 minute workshop, we expect you won’t want to wait!  Call SciWorld now on 8320 3046 or email info@sciworld.org.au for more information.