We love to develop new programs and this year, we’re celebrating all things Planetary!

You’ll love our new Planetary Chemistry Show. Come with us on an exploration of our solar system. You’ll be amazed at what gases are in our solar system and see them in action for yourself. It’s a truly fascinating show where you’ll definitely walk away seeing Earth in a different way.

We also have a new Geology workshop. Called ‘Minerals, Magmas and Martians’, it’s hands on workshop which explores rocky planets, volcanoes, the rock cycle, erosion and more. With some really cool hands on activities, students right up to Year 10 will have fun exploring our planet and the rocky planets which surround us.

Maths is definitely more fun with our Stunning Statistics workshop! If you’ve ever wanted to learn a little bit more about maths that wasn’t from a textbook, then check out Stunning Statistics. You’ll learn about measurements, statistics, graphing and much more. It’s great for Years 5 – 9 and we can guarantee, Maths will be brought to life

Don’t forget our It’s Elementary: the explosive science show of the periodic table of the elements. There are of course big bangs and explosions, because everyone loves that about chemistry right? But there’s a lot to learn and see as we explore the first 20 elements of the periodic table of elements.