We are passionate about providing excellent vacation care so we have lots of special programs for vacation care centres these holidays!
Consider 90 minute workshops in Slime, Archaeology, throw a Summer Holiday party, or have fun with Weird Science. You could learn about powerful air with our Up Up and Away workshop or explore a crime scene with our CSI Forensics workshop.

Want more?  Well, you can choose from any of our school programs too!  We have fantastic shows in Liquid Nitrogen, Light, Energy and Forces, Chemistry and a good all rounder called SciWorld Spectacular Science! We also have two stardomes, workshops in Robotics, Chemistry, Energy and Forces, Light and Sound, Lights and Lasers, Electric Circuits, Mathemania, Science Explorers, and more.


We have a Pop Up Science Centre held at the Australian Science and Maths School in Bedford Park (Flinders Uni) where you can bring all of your vacation care children to have three hours of incredible hands on fun for only $15 per child.  You’ll see a show, explore the solar system in our stardome, experience one of our workshops, make science happen in our hands on science area and you can even purchase a little gift for yourself in our SciWorld shop!

So, what are your students doing these holidays?  Exploring science with SciWorld of course!  

Bookings:  info@sciworld.org.au

or phone 8302 3046.