Come along for a full three hours from 2pm – 5pm on the 16th, 17th or 18th April and enjoy a world of science at our Pop Up Science Centre at the Adelaide Showground.  For only $15 per child aged between 5 – 15 years, with parents and younger siblings free of charge, you’ll enjoy non-stop entertainment where you’re guaranteed to learn something new!

Step into our world and learn about the Solar System in one of our Stardomes.  Then choose ONE workshop which will run for 45 minutes from the following:

SPACE COLONIES;  Design (and keep) your own Space Colony from recycled materials.  Put your knowledge of space to the test and design a space colony for habitation on another planet!  You’ll be a space engineer in no time!

THE SCIENCE OF JUGGLING:  Bound to be popular this new workshop is all about the physics behind the science of juggling.  Learn about the science then practice with your own scientifically made juggling balls which you can keep!

INSIDE YOUR BODY:  Ever wanted to know exactly how things work in your body?  Well, this workshop is for you.  Make your own robotic hands, lungs and brain caps.  Take them away and show everyone how your body works!

SCIENCE TOYS:  Learn all about the science behind toys and make some of your own.  You’ll explore sound toys, forces, physics, chemistry and more.

Explore all of the 50 Questacon exhibits we have on the floor and then

See our FIRE AND ICE show.  The extremes of heat and cold will have you amazed.  Fire demonstrations and Liquid Nitrogen.  It’s so hot, it’s cool!

There’s plenty of parking on-site for a small fee.


Tickets available now via Eventbrite: