4M Eco-Engineering Maglev Train Model Science Kit



4M Eco-Engineering Maglev Train Model Science Kit shows the power of magnetism and magnetic levitation. The train is an amazing example of use of magnetism to run super fast trains with reduced friction and very high efficiency.

Amaze your friends and discover for yourself how super-fast Maglev trains can travel with this amazing model. The model train zooms smoothly along its special track using the power of magnetism.

Harness the power of magnets and get a big dose of scientific learning!

With seven ring magnets and a variety of high-quality supplies, work your way through seven fascinating experiments that completely defy gravity.

Make a pencil spin while floating in mid air. Create a model UFO that flies randomly over an Earth-disk of magnets.

Build an anti-gravity sculpture that holds a metal bolt in mid-air, or try your hand at a magnetic weight scale, compass, and sprint.

You can even build a model of a Maglev personal transporter, based on the principals of the famous Maglev Train.

With easy-to-understand instructions and packed with real scientific lessons, the 4M Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation kit attracts kids like magnets to the excitement of science!