Animal Planet – 100x300x600x Microscope



This compact and sturdy introductory Animal Planet – 100x300x600x Microscope is perfect for every budding nature enthusiast and young scientist.

Compact with oversized knobs for smaller hands, this scope has everything you need to start exploring the world of the microscopic.

Try making your own slides using skin cell swabs or small insects collected in the backyard, anything of interest.

Turn on the light bulb, adjust the large knobs to the desired magnification.

Animal Planet – 100x300x600x Microscope kit includes:

2 x Prepared Slides

6 x Blank Slides

12 x Statical Slide Covers

12 x Blank Labels

2 x Collecting Vials


Petri Dish with Magnifier

3x-6x Magnifier

Pair of Tweezers

Instruction Manual

Free Safari Animal App