Discovery Kids – Planetarium



Discovery Kids – Planetarium features a projecting rotating star globe, CyberSky CD and a light pointer. Watch the stars move around your room. Learn all about star constellations and planets with the CyberSky CD. View detailed maps of the night sky as seen from any location on earth at any moment from 15,000 BC to 15,000 AD

Learn about the night sky with the amazing planetarium The globe projects onto the ceiling to show children how the stars move in the night sky. Whilst watching, listen to a commentary about the planets (not part of the light show), or highlight the stars with your light pointer.

• One star globe
• CyberSky CD
• Light pointer for locating stars
• Manual

Learn about the night sky with the amazing planetarium. More about educational toys and visit

A planetarium (plural planetaria or planetariums) is a theatre built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky, or for training in celestial navigation.

A dominant feature of most planetaria is the large dome-shaped projection screen onto which scenes of stars, planets and other celestial objects can be made to appear and move realistically to simulate the complex ‘motions of the heavens’.


Did you know there are over 88 known constellations in the sky which are recognised by the international Astronomical Unit, IAU.