What is science all about?

The HANDS ON workshop ‘Science Explorers’ is designed especially for Child Care Centres, Pre-Schools and Kindergartens! It’s a great mix of science concepts with lots of activities for touching and feeling, as well as looking, hearing and smelling (but we don’t taste science experiments!).

SciWorld Requirements

What We Need

Please provide 2 staff members on the day to help with the activities. We need a big space with at least 4 tables to put the experiments on, as well as a space for sitting and watching some demonstrations. .

Session Outline

What We Do

Group sitting together (floor space required) to talk about what science is, and how we find out about science. Then we explore hands-on experiments (at least 4 tables needed) covering topics such as air, gravity, light and sound. Then we sit together for a demonstration and find out about solids, liquids and gases. With a huge range of scientific equipment to explore, SciWorld’s Science Explorers workshop is one which will have your young scientists wanting to learn more about the world around them every day.


Suited to groups of 20 to 25 students aged 3 to 6