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Special full day packages of shows and workshops with two presenters are available! We are very happy to travel to you should the need arise! Just ask by registering your interest below.

Regional Events

SciWorld brings a van of science and maths workshops and shows to regional areas of South Australia.


We bring the equipment to your school for the day, and both set up and pack up everything.  Workshops are designed for 30 students to interact with science and maths experiments, and need a classroom-sized space where we can move the desks around. Science shows can have 50 or more students watching and will require a big classroom or hall space for performances. We need at least 2 big tables, or 4 small tables, plus access to power points, a garbage bin and running water for cleaning up.

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If you think we might have forgotten you, please get in touch! We will always confirm bookings a week in advance with you after the initial bookings have been made!

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