Workshops are designed for students to have a hands-on experience with equipment provided by SciWorld. Sessions include a presenter to guide students through initial theory, then oversee students as they work in groups or independently. Workshops can be run in a classroom or hall with tables, and are suited to a maximum of 30 students. Science Shows are designed for 50 or more students at a time to watch some experiments and interact with the presenter, learning all about specific areas of science.

Booking Requirements

When we come to your school we will need: a parking space for our van; a classroom where we can move the tables around (or a big room or hall for the StarDome or big shows); access to powerpoints (some shows also require water nearby); and some helpers to unload the equipment from the van. Setup time can vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your choice of sessions.

Pre-School – Reception Programs

These programs are suited for Pre-School and Reception children.

Reception – Year 3 Programs

These programs are suited to the Reception and Year 3 students.

Years 3 – 5 Programs

These programs are suited for the Years 3 – 5 students.

Years 6 – 7 Programs

These programs are suited for the Years 6 – 7 students.

Years 7 – 10 Programs

These programs are suited to our Years 7 – 10 students.


Workshop Combinations:

Choose any combination of shows and workshops for the day, subject to equipment availability

Booking Examples:

3 StarDome sessions = 3 x $175 = $525, or 1 Robotics and 1 Chemistry session $265 + $265 = $520 to meet the minimum daily booking of $400