Forget Excursions! Book Incursions!

We are continually developing new workshops – just ask what we have!  We have Science Toys, The Science of Juggling, Rocks and Minerals, Space Colonies, States of Matter and so much more.  We are always looking for new ways to invigorate your love for science!

We come to you and bring all equipment and qualified staff! What could be easier and more fun?
Workshops are designed for students to have a hands-on experience with equipment provided by SciWorld. Sessions include a presenter to guide students through initial theory, then oversee students as they work in groups or independently. Workshops can be run in a classroom or hall with tables, and are suited to a maximum of 30 students. Science Shows are designed for 50 or more students at a time to watch some.  If you have larger vacation care or public sessions, then we can bring additional presenters.  We can accommodate almost anything! experiments.

Science Toys!

60 minutes.  30 students per workshop.

Learn about science toys, make some of your own and explore the physics behind sound and energy toys.  From musical kazoos to marshmallow catapults, you learn, make (and keep everything you make) in this fun hands on workshop!

A Party Package

You might like to book a Science  Party session for your OSHC / Vacation Care program. You’ll receive an incredible 90 minutes of fun hands on science experiments with one of our SciWorld staff members. Make your own slime, lava lamps. Have fun with rockets, bubbles, musical instruments made from household objects and much more! A great hands-on educational adventure to entertain the masses.

30 children. 90 minutes.

CSI Forensics!

Who did it? When the School’s garden is destroyed over the long weekend, the headmaster wants answers! Follow the clues, test the soil samples, find the fingerprints and solve the crime!

This hands-on workshop involves forensic skills and will have your vacation care group learning while solving the crime – who destroyed the ‘Green Fingers Kids Club’ Garden?!

60 – 90 minutes, 30 children.

Up Up and Away!

It’s ballooning at its best! What’s the difference between low pressure and high pressure? Can balloons really be blown up inside a bottle? Learn all about balloons, have fun with some balloon car races, learn about the Bernoulli principle, find out how to torture balloons and more in this fun workshop. You can make your own mini hovercrafts and have a ride on a hovercraft!

90 minute workshop, 30 students.

Bodies and Brains

60 minutes.  30 students per workshop.

Humans are pretty amazing creatures.  Discover through some fun hands on activities how our bodies work, how our  hands move and what’s inside our skulls!

Weird Science

Is it real? Or just plain weird? Follow the world of science at its best. See some amazing experiments and do some of your own. It’s about tricks, illusions and just plain weird, fascinating science. You’re guaranteed to learn something new!

60 minutes. 30 students

Slime! Slime and more Slime!

What is slime? How is it useful in everyday life? Follow us in the world of slime – make slime and learn about slime. You’ll be slimed you did!

60 minutes or 90 minutes. 30 students


Not all archaeology is raiding tombs! Learn about how an archaeological site is formed and get down and dirty digging up artefacts to discover what life was like in the past.

60 minutes. 30 children.


It’s about bones and fossils! Learn about ancient animals and bone identification. Practice your own palaeontology skills and dig up some bones then sort them for identification. See, feel, draw and then make your own fossils. Note: 90 minute sessions include fossil making where you can make and take away your own fossils.

60 minutes. 30 children, or 90 minutes with fossil making


90 minutes for 30 children

Price dependent on choice of workshop(s)

Info-tainment Shows:

Choose from:  SciWorld Science Spectacular; Fire and Ice; Liquid Nitrogen:  Solids, Liquids and Gases; It’s Elementary:  the explosive science of the elements; Energy and Forces – Science for Superheroes; Chemistry is Cool; Light Up Your Mind – the Science of Light; the Planetary Chemistry Show; Science Magic

Booking Requirements

What We Need

When we come to your school we will need: a parking space for our van; a classroom where we can move the tables around (or a big room or hall for the StarDome/ Starlab or big shows); access to powerpoints (some shows also require water nearby) and any other information about getting to you, that you might find useful. Setup time can vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your choice of sessions.

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These programs are suited for Pre-School and Reception children.