Looking for something to do these holidays?  Missed out on our SciFun days last week at the Adelaide Planetarium?

Worry no more!  We’re having a Science Club Day, where you can come along and join in on some science fun!

Open to Children’s University students!

Want to learn more about our SciWorld Science Club?  Then come along and see what we do!  All bookings are through Eventbrite!  We’d love to see you there!

10am—11am:  Weird Science workshop.  For only $5 per child, you can come and explore the world of weird science.  See a demonstration of Elephant’s Toothpaste and learn about why it is so.  Make your own lava lamps, iridescent cards, bouncy balls and more in this workshop which celebrates the weird and whacky!   Suitable for ages 5—10 years. 40 participants maximum


11:30 am—12:15pm:  Explore the Night Sky in the Planetarium.  Parents, you can come too!  Learn about the solar system, the cosmos and our part in it all while sitting back on luscious red comfy chairs in the planetarium’s dome screening room.  Adults $9 and children $7.  45 participants maximum.

12:30pm—1:30pm:  It’s our ‘Up Up and Away’ workshop where you will have great fun learning about balloons and air pressure.  Can you blow up a balloon in a bottle?  Have fun racing cars powered by air pressure and see if you can race balloons along a string.  $5 per child.  Maximum 40 participants.

2:30 pm—4:00 pm:  Robotics workshop.  Explore the world of robotics programming with our Lego NXT Mindstorm Robots. This session will teach you how to program your robot to do all sorts of things.  It’s good fun and you’ll be hooked!  You’ll work in pairs so bring a friend or parent.  $8 per person.  Maximum 30 participants.